“Life is Precious” This is me and and my husband. During a cell phone selfie he surprised me with a sweet kiss on the cheek. These are the regular moments in life that bring me so much joy. I am a simple, not fancy, nerdy gal who, like us all, has my good days and bad days, as well as proud moments and shameful moments. Life has its ups and down, and we each take turns experiencing those times that bring us happy and sad feelings. Hopefully, the happy outweighs the sad over time.

My family includes my husband, 3 kids (which includes my son-in-law), and a granddaughter. I love my family, people who lift me and others up, watermelon, coffee and learning new things.

I also love photography. I love taking photos to capture the little and big things in life. It makes me happy when others appreciate the images I make. Thank you for being interested in my work. I hope you find something in what I share that bring a joyful spark to your day.