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Ukraine without “The” ?

I have to thank my cousin, Cher, for pointing out my recent “faux pas”. I learn something new everyday, and she taught me how to refer to Ukraine in a more respectful way. Thanks Cuz!

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Respectful – “Please Call Me…”

Most of us want to be respectful to individual preferences, especially when it is associated with their name. Many of us have “preferred first names” – “instead of Jim, please call me James”, “instead of Susan, please call me Suzie”, etc. Our society is becoming more knowledgeable about the importance of gender pronouns and how hurtful using the wrong one may be to someone. I am learning the word “the”, an article which is frequently used in the English language to define a noun, is not to be used iin reference to Ukraine: “instead of the Ukraine, please call me Ukraine”.

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Love For Ukraine: https://wp.me/paEFjB-zZ

Why Nix The Word “The”?

Why? Why should the little 3 letter word “the” not be used in reference to Ukraine? I have provided a Time Magazine (Time.com https://time.com/) link that explains why Ukraine should be referred to without “the”. https://time.com/12597/the-ukraine-or-ukraine/

In summary, Ukrainians prefer that we refer to their country as Ukraine (without “the”) because it is a deliberate exclusion to emphasize their independence. Before their indpendence the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic was their official name. Dropping “the” is a way to send a message that they are an independent country. Tamara Gallo Olexy, of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, said: “We correct anybody that we’re speaking to,”… “It’s this feeling that you’re part of another country, that you are a territory of somebody else.”


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So, especially during this time that Ukraine is fighting to maintain its status as an independent country lets remember it is Ukraine (NOT the Ukraine).


Slava Ukraini! https://wp.me/paEFjB-z2

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