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Ukraine’s National Anthem

A national anthem is a musical composition of a patriotic nature that symbolizes the history and traditions of a nation. The words and music combine as a shared pride, strength and sense of unity.

We are all holding the Ukraine at the top of our minds and close in our hearts. This war that Russia is forcing onto the people of the Ukraine is horrible. On Facebook this morning I saw a post that said “If Russia stops fighting the war ends. If the Ukraine stops fighting then the Ukraine ends.” So true. It all makes me feel so sad.

a kid protesting against the war in ukraine
Stop War in the Ukraine. Sign held by a Ukranian child. The wisdom of children is great. Photo by Matti on Pexels.com

The History and Origin of Ukraine’s National Anthem

The national anthem of the Ukraine was formally adopted less than 30 years ago. It was adopted after the Ukraine’s independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. It is known as the “State Anthem of Ukraine”, but also as Shche ne vmerla Ukraina’, which translates into English as ‘Ukraine Has Not Yet Perished’. The melody of today was officially accepted by Ukraine’s parliament in 1992. The lyrics are from Pavlo Chubynsky’s patriotic poem, which originated in the 19th century and was titled “Ukrain Is Not Dead Yet”. The music set to the poem for the anthem was composed by Mykhailo Verbytsky.



hands holding a no war sign
No More War: Photo by Santiago Sauceda González on Pexels.com

The Lyrics, The Tune, The Heart

The lyrics of the anthem remain relevant today, especially as the Ukrainian people do their best to fight back Russia’s attack on their nation.

The Ukrainian National Anthem’s lyrics, translated into English:

Ukraine Has Not Yet Perished

Ukraine is not yet dead, nor its glory and freedom,
Luck will still smile on us brother-Ukrainians.
Our enemies will die, as the dew does in the sunshine,
and we, too, brothers, we’ll live happily in our land

We’ll not spare either our souls or bodies to get freedom
and we’ll prove that we brothers are of Kozak kin.

Beautiful violin music – the melody of the Ukranian National Anthem. https://www.youtube.com/





The Ukrainian National Anthem in Ukraine is:

Shche ne vmerla Ukrainas

Ще не вмерла України і слава, і воля,
Ще нам, браття молодії, усміхнеться доля.
Згинуть наші воріженьки, як роса на сонці.
Запануєм і ми, браття, у своїй сторонці.

Душу й тіло ми положим за нашу свободу,
І покажем, що ми, браття, козацького роду.

Protests in New York City

Praying for Peace & Freedom for the Ukraine

peace word carved in wood
“Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me….”
Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com