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“E” is for Exxxxxx!👀

Here is a riddle for you…

What green thing starts with the letter “E” and is 2 inches long?

What is green, starts with the letter “E”, is high in fiber and protein, rich in several vitamins and minerals and delicious?

What green thing starts with the letter “E”, reduces cholesterol and bone loss, as well as certain types of cancers?


Any guesses?

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The answer is … “E” is for Edamame!👀

What is Edamame?

Edamame is pronounced ed-ah-MAH-may. It is basically a young, hairy soy bean.

Edamame is picked when it is green and not fully mature. This is why they are so sweet and tender. Some say they taste like a sweet pea (or snow pea), with a bit of hazelnut. 

The edamame pods have been popular in Asia for centuries. Most people in the United States that know edamame were introduced to it in a Japanese restaurant.

green edamame plant
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Where is Edamame Grown?

If one looks solely at soy bean production, the United States was the world’s top soy bean producer for many years. In 2020 Brazil took over that title from the United States.

Close to 95% of edamame is imported from China to the United States. It has been a very strong, established industry in Asia for more than 30 years. While the United States produces a very small amount of the edamame for domestic consumption, Arkansas has emerged as its leading edamame producer.

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Health Benefits

As mentioned in the introduction, Edamame is a healthy food.

It is high in fiber and protein (over 18 grams of protein). Edamame is also low in fats, carbs and calories. A cup of edamame is only about 180 calories.

Several studies have linked edamame to bone health, blood health and heart health. In addition, some feel that it reduces the risk of breast and prostrate cancer.


How does one prepare edamame? A quick search on the internet will easily get you many recipes to consider.

A common way to prepare edamame is boiled/ steamed and seasoned. But, you will find a variety of recipes out there. It is a very delicious and it is clear why it is a popular appetizer / snack. I have included a recipe created by Caroline Phelps below. You will also find a link to her site called “The Pickled Plum”.






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