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Sharing The Good Work of Others – Control Your Thoughts … White Bear and Blue Dolphin?

How can we control our negative thoughts? A piece written by Inc.com’s Justin Bariso (see link below) has ideas as to how to gain control of how long thoughts, especially negative ones, stay at top of mind. I love the tags they have given these thoughts: White Bear Problem and The Blue Dolphin Rule.

The White Bear Problem refers to when we tell ourselves, or others tell us, not to think about something. It turns out that this increases the frequency of such thoughts. For example, if someone says “Don‘t think about the white bear.“, you most likely will have a difficult time getting the white bear to leave your thoughts. Or, if someone says “Don‘t be nervous.“, your anxiety will remain, and often increase.

Conversely, the Blue Dolphin Rule refers to trying to replace an uwanted thought with a new thought, a distraction thought. This is very effective in making unwanted thoughts go away. This reminds me of the movie, The Sound of Music. and the song “My Favorite Things”. “If I simply remember my favorite things then I don’t feel so bad….”


Well, I am going to give it a try! I think it may work.

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